Grace Church

Grace Church is a Christian, non-denominational, Bible-centered, Spirit-filled church in Chapel Hill, NC. The church started in 1986. Jerry Daley was the founding pastor. We met at the Holiday Inn, Phillips Middle School, Village Plaza on Elliot Road, and moved into our current building (200 Sage Road) in 1997. We have four services each Sunday with a weekend attendance of 850-1000 people with over 1000 people that call Grace Church home. The church is very relational, and the leaders are accessible. We value being real, down to earth, and authentic. We are a spiritual family and we value community. This sense of community is best experienced in our 60+ small groups and on our Dream Team. We have a big vision to impact our community. We love the diversity of people that God has sent to Grace Church. We have a large base of people in the 45+ age group, young families, a strong young adults group (18-35), many college students, and lots of students and kids.  20+ nations are represented. We translate our third service into Spanish each Sunday. We’re young and old. We’re black, Asian, white, Hispanic, and African. We’re poor and rich. We’re white collar and blue collar. We’re democrats, republicans, and independents. We’re all learning to love and follow Jesus!

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Kendrick Vinar

"We couldn’t have been more pleased with our partnership with SCS. Their expertise was invaluable in helping us cast a vision and raise finances tofulfill that vision. They customized a program that fit the culture of our church perfectly. I would highly recommend SCS to anyone considering a stewardship campaign. - Pastor Kendrick Vinar"


Pastor, Grace Church, Chapel Hill, NC

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