Element Church

Element Church was founded by Lead Pastor Erik Lawson after leaving a staff position in a church in the Tulsa, OK area. Erik and Christi took the family to Wentzville, MO (a western suburb of St Louis) to begin a life-giving church that now numbers over 3000 people in their four weekly services. Element has partnered with Sauls Consulting for two capital stewardship campaigns and has raised millions of dollars. They have been able to expand from a small area of ministry to over 75,000 square feet of space that is reaching people and changing lives in the greater St Louis area. “We believe in Sauls Consulting and have experienced the difference that a well-designed campaign led by equipped leaders can make in the life of a church. Glenn has been not only a friend and consultant to our team, but he has been a great coach to me as a pastor and leader.”

Sauls Consulting has raised nearly
a billion dollars

SCS has partnered with 125 churches in 40 states across America


Erik Lawson

"Glenn Sauls and SCS will help you define clear goals and the path you need to follow in order to reach those goals. With the practical steps and coaching he provided, we saw a great percentage of non-givers stepping in to help with both campaigns. Element Church reached more of our goal with his help than we would have without it."


Element Church, Wentzville, MO

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