History shows that people do not give to buildings or people, they give to clear and compelling visions. A campaign is driven by vision that has been given to leaders by God and communicated clearly to the congregation. Successful campaigns are vision-driven and led by leaders who are fueled with passion for what God is doing in and through the congregation.


The project must be felt by leaders as vital to the vision of the church. Leadership must link the success of the project to the advancement of the overall vision of the ministry. The issue becomes “nice” versus “vital”. If the congregation feels this is a nice project, generally they will not sacrifice for it. But, if they sense that it is vital to the pursuit of God’s vision for the church, then they will generally respond sacrificially.


A strategic plan that takes into account the various targeted audiences of a congregation is critical to the success of a campaign. Leaders must be thoughtfully informed and clearly understand how the project is linked to the overall vision of the ministry. The core of the congregation must sense a commitment to the fulfillment of vision through the project. They must become owners of the vision.


The congregation demonstrates ownership when everyone shows support for and commitment to the vision that God has given to the ministry. That ownership is best demonstrated as the congregation keeps their promise to fulfill the commitment they have made to the project. It is critical that strategies are developed and implemented so that the congregation as well as new attendees fulfill the dream that God has given them.

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