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“Glenn Sauls is a trusted source of knowledge in the area of stewardship and pastoring in general.  Over the years Glenn has helped me personally understand the role stewardship plays in the Kingdom.  I thank God for Glenn and recommend him very strongly as a consultant in every area of church life.”

Dino Rizzo
Pastor | Healing Place Church

Sauls Consulting Services

SCS is a comprehensive church consulting firm providing partnerships to local churches and pastors in the areas of capital stewardship campaigns, annual stewardship campaigns, pastoral / staff coaching, and networking with church loan organizations and church contractors.  Our organization has long experience in providing churches with outstanding consultation in the arena of stewardship campaigns that engages all the ministry areas.  The comprehensive strategy implemented by SCS allows the local church to remain focused on ministry while raising the necessary funding for ministry and/or facility expansion.  It also provides a strong format for sustainable and maximum results in the areas of spiritual and financial development.

The SCS approach is driven by a compelling vision and led by leaders that are attached to the dream that God has given to them.  Many church leaders in America believe that this personalized and comprehensive approach by SCS has been the key to their stewardship success.  Pastor George Sawyer, Senior Pastor of Calvary Assembly in Decatur, AL recently mentioned “the SCS approach allowed my staff to remain focused on ministry and people while integrating stewardship strategies into their various subministries.”

Meet Glenn Sauls

Glenn Sauls spent twenty-two years leading two local churches and for the last seven years has brought that pastoral experience, along with his consulting and leadership experience, to serve approximately 100 churches from various denominations and organizations across America to raise nearly $1 billion.  Glenn’s leadership strength has been described by Senior Pastor Steve Robinson as “understanding the pastoral track in the stewardship process.  He understands how to best leverage the skills and time of the lead pastor in a capital stewardship campaign.  Glenn’s coaching ability has personally kept me focused on what really matters.”

Fred Franks, lead pastor of Calvary Temple, says “Glenn understands the local church, particularly taking extensive time to discover and understand our unique culture and diversity at CT, and is driven by passion and creativity in linking local churches to their God-given destiny.”  Others have described Glenn as “a leader, innovator, passionate, creative, educator, and outstanding motivator.”  Glenn is considered to be one of the leading strategists for platform-driven campaigns in America.  He has worked with many of the nation’s largest churches, helping them reach unprecedented pledge to budget ratios.

Glenn Sauls, president and founder of Sauls Consulting Services, Inc., will provide strategic consultation that will move your church toward maximizing your spiritual and financial results in your next campaign.

Partnership Stories

Church of the King

Mandeville, LA

  • Pastor: Steve Robinson
  • Project: Ministry Development, Worship Center
  • Project Cost: $30 million

Church of the King and Pastor Steve Robinson is an incredible story of how God can take a young man and use him to reach literally thousands of people. Starting out as a youth speaker in New Orleans where he reached thousands in the New Orleans schools, Steve went to the North Shore (Mandeville, LA) in 1999 to start a church with a few families. After just eight years and Hurricane Katrina, Church of the King has an average weekly attendance of over 3500 people. They have outgrown their current facilities and are preparing to build a 4000 seat state of the art worship center. They are doing their second campaign with Glenn Sauls and are expecting to be in the new facility in 2010.

Calvary Assembly of God

Decatur, AL

  • Pastor: George Sawyer
  • Project: Purchase 180 acres / Relocation to new site
  • Project Cost: $20 million

Pastor George Sawyer has led Calvary Assembly for over 20 years and has built an incredible ministry with over 2500 people attending weekly. The church recently purchased 180 acres where it will relocate to in 2008. They are in their second campaign with Glenn Sauls and will soon be in the new facility.

The Park Church

Charlotte, NC

  • Pastor: Claude Alexander
  • Project: Relocation
  • Project Cost: $35 million

The Park Church, under the leadership of Pastor Claude Alexander, have purchased the Charlotte Merchandise Mart where the church will relocate to in 2009. The building is over 500,000 square feet under roof and has been one of the centerpieces of Charlotte for many years. The church has an incredible mission to reach lost people and bring revitalization to the eastside of Charlotte. The Park Church are currently in the first year of their campaign with Sauls Consulting Services.

Church Presentation

You can download the SCS Board Presentation by clicking on the PDF file on the right of this page. In the presentation, you will see an SCS fact sheet, campaign timeline, campaign readiness assessment, financial services overview, campaign structure overview, follow-up strategy overview, media deliverables partnership, and an overview of the typical campaign expenses.

SCS Fact Sheet

Sauls Consulting Services has found that capital campaign“wins” are predicated on four very clear issues: 1) financial capacity as determined by donor strategies, 2) church leaders that are passionately linked to the church’s future, 3) strategic campaign planning that takes into account the issues, pace, people, ministries, and 4) a project that is felt by the leaders as vital to the future of the church. Strategic planning doesn’t begin with SCS but with the unique environment of each church. SCS is committed to spending the upfront hours and pre-planning so that when we arrive onsite for the first meeting we have a sense of what God is doing in your church, and how we can partner with God and with the church to see maximum spiritual and financial impact. The SCS capital stewardship campaign is driven by several tracks, which are customized and personalized, to every unique church environment: leadership (financial and servant), spiritual connection (prayer, bible study, devotional guides, and strategic messages), communication (media strategies that include print work, CD’s, websites, etc.), and commitment (leaders leading and congregations connecting).

Recent Campaigns


Church of the King
Mandeville, LA
Pastor Steve Robinson

Healing Place Church
Baton Rouge, LA
Pastor Dino Rizzo

Calvary Assembly of God
Decatur, AL
Pastor George Sawyer

Newsboys / Global Tribe
Wes Campbell, Owner
Nashville, TN

The Park Church
Charlotte, NC
Pastor Claude Alexander

Faith Assembly of God
Orlando, FL
Pastor Carl Stephens

Wave Church
Virginia Beach, VA
Pastor Steve Kelly

Salem Bible Church
Atlanta, GA
Pastor Jasper Williams

Our Saviors Church
Lafayette, LA
Pastor Jacob Aranza


Sauls Consulting Services
562 Lakeland Plaza, Suite 418
Cumming, GA 30040
Phone: (678) 787-6552
Facsimile: (678) 455-7563

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